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October 01, 2014

The Solution is Tranquility?

by Lisa Cerda
The world is in dire need of tranquility. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we are often bypassing that most essential cornerstone of our existence. In part, this lack of tranquility can be tracked to the ever growing presence of a malicious government in our life. To counter balance this malicious government, the “left” tells you to ignore the hardships caused… More
Sep 30, 2014

VOTE OUT: Judicial Corruption on Nov. 4th

by Lisa Cerda
Richard I. Fine, Ph.D. the Founder and Chairman of Campaign for Judicial Integrity is hoping that Californians will wake up this November 4th and vote with a mission that will change our corrupt judicial system. The biggest difficulty is getting the… More
Sep 29, 2014

It’s Time to Stop Non-payment Tax Seizures

by Lisa Cerda
Why do we allow the government to benefit from creating economic chaos? Why spend a life time of acquiring when you don’t actually own anything under the present policies of the IRS? During economic good times we really don’t think about the poor… More
Sep 27, 2014

Ferguson Officer Shot

by Lisa Cerda
A Ferguson police officer was shot in the 1000 block of Smith Avenue after confronting two burglary suspects. The officer was wounded in his arm, it is not life threatening. The suspects fed on foot and maybe hiding in a wooded area near the scene… More
Sep 26, 2014

Measuring America by the Company she Keeps

by Lisa Cerda
My mother always told me that you can tell a man’s character by the company he keeps. The same can be said for our government. As John Kerry, the “Herman Monster” of verbal persuasion, goes nation to nation to seek support for our endless war… More
Sep 25, 2014

Resignation for Eric Holder, But What about Justice

by Lisa Cerda
NPR reports: “Eric Holder Jr., the nation's first black U.S. attorney general, is preparing to announce his resignation Thursday after a tumultuous tenure marked by civil rights advances, national security threats, reforms to the criminal justice… More
Sep 24, 2014

The Georgia Guidestones Mark the Date of Our REAL Battle

by Lisa Cerda
Sometimes it feels like I am in a bad zombie movie. Amongst us is the walking brain dead. From the White House to the Congress, from city halls to department managers, uninformed citizens or traitorous parasites abound. Behind every nook and… More
Sep 24, 2014

Do You Want to Pay for Chelsea Manning's Sex Change?

by Lisa Cerda
Okay, I admit it, I LOVE whistleblowers. I do! Always have, always will. I like writing about them, reading about them, and even cut a few checks for their defense fund. I have my favorites; those who used proper channels and then took things in… More

Oct 01, 2014

Overconfidence is Not a Strategy

by Paul Hatfield
I am not fearful of an outbreak of Ebola in the United States as a result of the turn of events that landed an infected person in Dallas. Public health authorities will not leave a stone uncovered… More
Oct 01, 2014

National suicide by political correctness

by Lawrence Sellin Ph.D.
Barack Obama said "ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing if innocents." That definition includes: al- Qa'ida, Abu Sayyaf, Gama'a al-Islamiyya, Hamas, Hizballah, Palestinian Islamic… More
Sep 29, 2014

Patrick Barron: Currency Wars and the Death of the Euro

by Jeff Deist
Jeff Deist and Patrick Barron discuss what's going on in the EU, how Germany in particular suffers from being yoked to the other Eurozone nations, and what the comeback of the Deutsche Mark might… More
Sep 29, 2014

Lowering Taxes Is the Only Decent Tax Reform

by Laurence M. Vance
The best tax is always the lightest. — Jean-Baptiste Say There cannot be a good tax nor a just one; every tax rests its case on compulsion. — Frank Chodorov There can be no such thing as “fairness in… More
Sep 29, 2014

Government Won’t Explain Why It Thinks ‘State Secrets’ at Risk in Lawsuit Against Anti-Iran Group

by Kevin Gosztola / The Dissenter
The Justice Department has informed a judge that it refuses to additionally explain why it believes “state secrets” are relevant or some how entwined in the defense of an anti-Iran advocacy group… More
Sep 29, 2014

Justice Department Pushes Ferguson Police to Ban Officers from Wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ Bracelets

by Kevin Gosztola / The Dissenter
The Ferguson Police Department, as well as St. Louis County Police Department, have assured the Justice Department that their officers will no longer be permitted to wear “I Am Darren Wilson”… More
Sep 29, 2014

List of Attorney General Eric Holder Scandals

by Mark Wachtler/Whiteout Press
When Attorney General Eric Holder announced his retirement this week, many Americans cheered. Few government officials in American history have been tainted by as much corruption, criminal activity… More
Sep 29, 2014

Atheist Group Wants to Ban Prayer at University of Tennessee Can Stick their Heads Up ......

by Allen B. West
Y’all know I’m a big time University of Tennessee football fan and a 1983 graduate from ol’ Rocky Top. Today at noon is one of the big games for me as the Volunteers take on my home state Georgia… More
Sep 29, 2014

ISIS Publicly Executes Iraqi Woman Over Facebook Posts

by Allen B. West
This week DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz once again used her line about “women being given the back of the hand” not just against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker but also against Florida Gov.… More

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Cerdafied - The Editors Blog

  • 2014 Midterm Elections Favors GOP

    September 27, 2014 Cerdafied - The Editor's Blog Lisa Cerda

    The 2014 midterm favors the GOP as more states become embattled.

    Roll Call issued its monthly ranking of the 10 most vulnerable senators:

    Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) legal challenges to her residency, scandal over billing chartered campaign flights to the taxpayers, and her support of Obama threatens her seat.

    Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) is at risk.

    Mark Begich (D-AK) is faces  popular state treasurer Dan Sullivan in a close race.

    Kay Hagan (D-NC), Mark Udall (D-CO), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Al Franken (D-MN)  could get the boot as well.

    Kentucky Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who holds a lead, but is at risk. It will be determined by voter turn out.

    Time to turn up the heat, and stand apart from…

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